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Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I do sympathize with those who didn't like the ending. I felt this wholeness and sense of triumph walking out of TDKR, like the journey had all been worth it to arrive at such a glorious conclusion.

I'm sure it's a sucky feeling to not like where the story left off and know that this universe is closed off forever. I'd probably be pissed too if that's how I felt. And I was someone opposed to the idea of Blake inheriting the mantle before I saw TDKR too. It's just that the way everything unfolded had me completely sold on it, and I was happy in the sense that it was a key part of Bruce being able to move on with this life. The "Robin" nod, as superfluous as it might have seemed, went a surprisingly long way for me too in terms of accepting it.
I don't sympathize at all lol. In fact im actually so annoyed right now im probably gonna take a break from this thread for a while. Yes, I don't see a point in talking about my favorite ending with 3/4 of the posters if all they do is hate on it.

But as for your experiences. I felt the exact same way.

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