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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
But he also said them differently each time with a different word eg "I will find him Lara", and with a different inflexion. It covered a full range of intense emotion he was going through. Loved that bit.
People will probably agree, but I actually think this is good acting. Obviously, he's trying to intimidate Lara, and isn't sure how to do so. So he keeps saying the same thing over and over again, trying to get into her head.

Again, I don't think the film was trying to depict him as intimidating, just determined. I feel like Zod was most intimating and genuinely scary when he's threatening Earthlings, not other Kryptonians. And I feel like that's an intentional choice, to show him as a menace to the people of earth, but "just another Kryptonian."

I think this is a controversial directorial decision, but one that worked with me. But of course I read the interviews of Shannon, which stated that he was more of an anti-hero. People expecting a more intentionally vile villain were probably disjointed. But I loved Shannon's portrayal of Zod.

He's angry, sad, stoic, likeable to an extent, but ultimately dangerous.

We can get a darker, more hateable villains in the sequel. But as someone loyal to his idea of "restoring Krypton" he fought for his ideals. A hero on the opposite side of justice, I guess

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