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Default Re: should the comics change to mirror the movie

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I'm not fond of a lot of things in the New 52 including Superman's new suit, Lois being pushed back as a love interest in favor of Wonder Woman, Lois and Clark apparently not working for the DP anymore, the fact that people apparently still don't trust Superman even though he has been active for many years now, the Justice League turning more into "Superman & friends, etc.

I wouldn't mind having the comics be more like MoS for the better. MoS itself is a modern imagining of Superman meant to introduce the character to a new generation so the idea of making the current comics more like it is not that bad. I thought they found a great balance between Superman's god-like presence and humanity. They established Superman as a powerful God towering above all humans while still remembering the fact that on the inside, Superman is human before he is Kryptonian and is a moral man from Kansas. The New 52 lacks that balance most of the time. Their Superman is often on one side or the other from what I've read.

Plus, MoS was heavily influenced by the John Byrne run. It would be nice to see some of that stuff come back.

I don't see a problem with making the comics more like MoS. If Marvel is allowed to have a fetish of making their comics more like the movies despite it being completely unnecessary in most of their cases, I don't see why DC can't. If anything, DC should take advantage of whenever a film version of their character is successful on the big screen since they often struggle with their characters in the comics more than Marvel does (not always but on average).

But then again, I've never been a big Superman fan to begin with. A hardcore Superman fan might feel differently.
I felt Man of Steel's story line mostly borrowed from Superman: Earth One as well as some cues taken from Superman: Brainiac and Death & Return of Superman and a pinch of Birthright. I mean if you replace Tyrell with Zod you almost have the same story. Clark acts as a drifter, the world he lives in is rather bleak and cynical and the designs of the spaceships, the action, how Metropolis looks after the big battle etc comes from Earth One.

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