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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by kalelvis View Post
One of the things that i liked but is actually one of hte scenes that a lot of people don't like is when Pa Kent sacrifices himself. I understand peoples complaint that he died to save a dog, etc but that isn't how I saw the scene. He specifically tells Clark to get his mother to the overpass. I'm not disagreeing with people who say Pa kent sacrifice himself for Clark's secret, but I think there is more going on there than just his identity.
I agree, I just wish with the way they'd shot it they actually showed a shot from the real distance between the overpass and where Jonathan Kent was. I think if you study the scene there there is quite a substantial distance between where Clark is and where Jonathan is, it's just with all the close-up handheld shooting they do it makes it appear like they're 20 ft away, and it's just like 'take 2 seconds and grab him Clark!'.

That said though, I think this is one of the better scenes of the film, Costner and Cavill really sell it. And I agree with Mark Waid who thought it was that good, he wishes he wrote it. That's high praise.

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