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You're right, it's not supposed to invite the same emotional response at all. In BB, it was the centerpiece of one long sequence, in TDKR it's a smaller bit in a larger montage involving multiple characters. Any emotional response to it (at least on my part) involves the placement of that scene in relation to the other scenes in the montage, along with the swell of the music in that moment, etc. It certainly didn't take me out of the moment or anger me the way it did for some- there had already been plenty of visual callbacks to the previous films in TDKR here was one final (and poignant) one. It's a bittersweet moment- seeing a new face down in the cave, knowing Bruce won't be down there again, knowing that the story is ending. But there's still happiness and triumph in knowing that Bruce's legacy can be carried forward through future generations, and there's something mystical about the bats greeting each new inhabitant the same way, as if it's some sort of rite of passage.

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