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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Bryan Singer spends two movies building up to the arrival of the Phoenix, and how it was the manifestation of Jean's powers evolving beyond even mutants. Then in X3, all of a sudden the Phoenix is a half-assed multiple-personality that's never been even slightly hinted at in the other films, and Jean spends most of the second half just standing around. Rogue's character development form the first two films being chucked out the window for a horrible love triangle. Magneto's big plan being unbelievably stupid (why does he want Jean again, exactly)? He never really says. Cyclops being killed offscreen 15 minutes into the film. Beast, Angel, Rogue, and Kitty being criminally underused. Wolverine's healing factor is strong enough to take the full wrath of the Phoenix and survive (a police officer's sidearm knocked him out in X2, Rogue nearly killed him twice in X1). The list goes on and on.

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