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The goosebumps is not just the music, the callbacks, the mirroring, or even seeing Bruce still alive (ALL of that plays into it too) but it's about a few other things for me too. 1 of those things is something that a lot of people share with me that I speak to. In that the ending and the way it's setup and all comes together is exactly what I had hoped AND much more. This is the ending of the trilogy I hoped I would get. Something completely satisfying. A lot of people had a split reaction about the ending of LOST but I was emotionally spent with that ending as well, and thought it was perfection. It's not a spoiler to say that they ended everything about the PEOPLE and not the mythological elements of the island.

The other part is my personal experience with Robin. I never truly cared for Dick Grayson or any other version of Robin my entire life. Ive liked certain takes but I don't reaaaally care about it. Ive always took the Christian Bale stance with not wanting the character to come near this trilogy. But he was also a huge part of my childhood whether I liked it or not. Nolan actually gave me his version of Robin and it felt like a Tim Drake + Dick Grayson mix. Nolan made me really enjoy Robin for the first time, probably because he was the embodiment of what a Robin is without throwing a cape, red tights on a teenage boy. Plus JGL is one of my favorite actors in recent years.

So when he's entering the cave, im getting emotional because the themes are all coming together, it's the ending I wanted regardless of what others wanted for this movie. I NEVER wanted Batman to be standing on top of skyscraper for the ending, because that's not an ending. And I realized right when the bomb exploded that I didn't want Bruce/Bats to die. So when I not only see Bruce alive and happy and away from the pain of Gotham.....and I see Robin (a character that's been a part of my childhood who im now seeing in a better light) getting hit in the face by bats in the same way Bruce did, but reacting like the boy wonder? THAT made me emotional.

It was a weird emotional reaction I had each time in the cinema. I still get it on blu ray when I see it. It's not only a personal thing, but I truly feel everything came full circle. Wrapped in a bow. People from Gary Oldman to Christian Bale to Christopher Nolan have said the same things. And I trusted their word because ill trust them over people (no offense) who sit behind a computer nitpicking superhero movies on a messageboard. I trusted them and I was rewarded. They were right. Of course they were. They made this stuff and they put their passion into it even if others go against it.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc
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