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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Batman did endure. Just because you took it as he was physically going to endure it doesn't mean what happened is less truthful. He endured the heat, the blame, taking the fall. He sacrificed himself to be the villain. While Gotham rested easy for 8 years, Bruce couldn't move on, he was Batman inside himself without a way of letting out his anger. The point in these movies were that batman was actually a symbol and not a man. That was established in Begins. So the man doesn't have to be physically out there in order to endure. The symbol took the blame, the symbol endured. Because Batman is not a man, it's a concept, an ideal.
Baloney. That is not enduring. Enduring is actually being Batman and enduring all of this heat, hatred, and being chased and hunted. Like how in TDK in the scene in the bunker where's packing away his Batman costume and burning files that linked Batman to Rachel and Fox, when he was going to quit over Joker's mass murder spree over him, Alfred told him to endure and take it, even though everyone will hate him for it.

That's endurance. If he quit then he wouldn't be enduring which is why Alfred was urging him to continue. The only reason he wasn't Batman any more in TDKR is because he wasn't needed. Gotham got magically cleaned up thanks to Dent's legacy as soon as he died.

Gordon: "We were in this together and then you were gone"
Bruce: "The Batman wasn't needed any more. We won"
Gordon: "Based on a lie"

No endurance necessary when you're not being Batman any more.

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