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Default Re: Am I the only one....

I like all three films for various reason, IM was easily one the greatest superhero film made, IM2 had some great elements to it, as a Iron Man fantatic seeing Whiplash, Justin Hammer and War Machine was pretty cool as well as the mk 5 suitcase armor. IM3 I loved not for how Mandarin turned out, I felt going in Marvel still really did not know how to use Mandarin and yes I was disappointed as for 2/3 of the movie Mandarin was becoming one of the most memorable Marvel villians ever, but as usual Marvel chickened out and went a different way, IM3 worked so well for me as it wrapped things up for the triology, left on a high note, you still feel as though Stark is Iron man and he will have armors again, Iron Man has always been the man in the armor, not the armor around the man, plus we got some cool scenes with Killan and Savin.
Guess my disappointment is how Marvel seems to disregard Iron Mans history and only take elements to tell a new story, Killian was never a big player in the Extemis story, yet in IM3 he is not only the head of AIM but the Mandarin, which raised questions about how long he had been the head of the ten rings.
But over all I have no real complaints, I can sit down and watch all 3 movies and have an awesome time enjoying each one, as a fan I can see the faults in all but the good in all as well.

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