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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
In your comic book mindset sure, but it's still enduring.
It's nothing to do with a comic mind set (though imagine having one while watching a COMIC BOOK movie. So shocking). It's to do with rational logic. Quitters are not enduring.

Like I said Batman is not just a man in this interpretation, he's a symbol. The symbol endured. The man suffered as a trapped man for it in order for his symbol to take the heat.
A symbol is not a man. A symbol doesn't get chased and hunted. "We have to chase him because he can take it".

That's TDK. Different movie, different circumstances.
No, no, no, the exact same circumstances. Batman faced a crisis of being hated, and he endured it by staying on as Batman.

He physically endured in TDK but the end of TDKR was him fully understanding what Ras meant. The end of the trilogy, the end of his journey could only happen when he actually learnt that Batman has to become more than just a man, a concept, a legend that can be immortal , like the League of Shadows going from generation to generation of Al Ghul's. It's the reason why this bit of dialogue was chosen to be in the first teaser for TDKR. It's what this entire trilogy has been about from the get-go and it was fulfilled right down to the tee.
Bruce always understood the importance of being a symbol. He got that from the get-go hence why he chose a bat to be the symbol of fear to criminals.

This has nothing to do with being some fancy immortal symbol. We're talking about Batman, as a person, enduring not the symbol of Batman. They were not talking about a symbol enduring in TDK. They were talking about Batman being able to take the hate (shown by them smashing the batsignal), them chasing him (shown by him actually being chased by the Cops at the end).

You and the others who are sticking your fingers in your ears screaming LA LA LA!! are doing that because you are so stuck on the notion that it must mirror the comics down to a tee, where Bruce (the man) physically stays out there for ever.
I never mentioned the comics. I was talking strictly about the movies.

Pay attention to my actual words please. Don't mis quote me.

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