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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
What exactly do you mean by emotional endurance? Obviously I know what it means but how is Bruce going through emotional endurance?
I don't think Bruce is emotionally enduring at all when TDKR starts, at least not in the "holding his head up high through the rough times" sense. I think he tried doing that for years (trying to help Gotham via the energy project), but eventually he finds himself out of options. Out of ways to be useful, his demons start to rear their ugly head and slowly eat him up. I brought up the potential emotional component of the word as a way of arguing that we needn't narrow our interpretation of "endure" to simply "being Batman". Alfred said the point of Batman was to make the choice that no one else can make. In a sense, taking the blame and allowing Batman to fade away when necessary is a part of that.

In other ways though, I do think there is some unhealthy emotional enduring going on. He is enduring in his belief that Rachel was his only chance for a happy life. He is enduring in his belief that a lie was the best thing for Gotham. It's all a part of him being frozen.

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