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Originally Posted by antsman41 View Post
If one truly loves Batman they'll see that the comics are very important but a different beast on their own.

See, I love how Nolan & Co. used character traits, themes, motifs, and nods to panels over many different instead of aping something from a specific comic/year, that wouldn't translate anyways.

They way he re-imagined the Gordon/Bats/Dent rooftop scene (TLH), let Joker have multiple pasts (Klling Joke), Bruce's overseas journey (LOTDK), Bruce/Lucius tech conversations (late 90's Batman) are all more respectful and the better option. There's so many more little things here and there but it's easier to just go to;

Begins (


TDKRises (

Not leaving Bruce in a lifelong war against crime, Rachel Dawes, Crane being used by Ra's, Bane's look, and Blake... to name a few changes and comic departures are all outweighed by their above respect for the comics and were great additions and ideas that serviced their world. This might not have been the most in-line comic book adaption of Batman but it is the best because of everything, comic or not.

BTAS was the same, so many departures but one of the greatest overall Batman things ever. There are many different Batman stories, arcs, issues, shows, movies, games, etc. Why would you want them all the same? As long as they are traditional to what I love and know/understand of Batman then who can be mad?

Hell, if anything... most of us are wrong with who Batman is. Isn't he suppose to have purple gloves, drive a red sedan, use guns, and have an apostrophe in his name? We actually should hate on anything post ~1946 because none of that is ever regarded, LOL.
What a great post.

Looks like this Batman paid more respect to the comics than any before, so many references and connections.

Great stuff

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