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What's the difference between saying "screw the comics" and "the comics are irrelevant?" One phrase uses the word "screw" and the other doesn't?

Your continual point, shauner, is that the target audience is the GA and not comic book readers. That doesn't make the comic books irrelevant though, because that is to drive a false dichotomy between what comic book fans want and what the GA wants. What you are arguing is some sort of "argument from majority" to say that your tastes have exclusive dominance in the market whereas comic book fans' tastes are in the minority - but that's an unproven premise, for the reason stated above.

Its NOT true that "these movies aren't made with fans in mind." They are absolutely made with fans in mind. Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer are huge fans of the comics. And again, having fans in mind is not contradictory to having the rest of the world in mind.

Your signature alone disparages the comics by asserting that Nolan's interpretation of Batman is both different from the comics and superior. In other words, "screw the comics."

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