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Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I don't understand people with a "screw the comics" mentality. Most, if not every aspect of these films are, in some way or another, inspired by the comics. Saying "Screw the comics" is just a cheap argument designed to undermine comic fans, and it only justifies the hatred people have for Nolanites, as most people who use this argument are or come off as complete snobs/wanna be film critics. You'd think they'd be better off writing 50 page critical analysis' on Felini instead of...hanging out on a comic book film board...where most people watch these films...because they like the comics.

I wonder what would happen on a LOTR/Potter fansite if I walked in and said "Screw the books".
It kinda depends on the director. Not just Lot or Potter , etc. Any book.

Kubrick all his life adapted someone's else work. Rarely he gave a damn about being faithful to the material. I would say , outside of Nabokov Lolita , he always elevated the original work.

It's not like we're talking high literature or anything.

Also , i liked the being snob and writing a 50 page critical analysis on Fellini.

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