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There are essentials and non-essentials. I understand films are a different medium. For example, I've read just about every Tolkien book there is, but I'm pretty okay (or at least ambivalent) with a lot of the changes PJ does. The ones I'm not okay with? For example, butchering Faramir's character by turning him into Boromir 2.0 for contrived drama purposes rather than maintaining his noble aspects.

The comics tell us that Batman is Batman forever. He doesn't quit. He doesn't move on. He can't, precisely because he is that enduring "immovable object" that the Joker talks about. He's more hardcore about his rules than Superman, even though Superman is the boy scout! Frankly, I feel like getting this wrong was a huge error for TDKR. That doesn't mean I can't watch TDKR and enjoy it, but it does mean I'm critical of this aspect of the film.

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