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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dangerman View Post
You must not know the whole story then. It was explained why Superman never told Lois he was leaving in the script book as well as the screen test. In both he states that if he saw Lois's face and she asked him not to go then he would have never left. Which is something at the time he felt compelled to do. A lot of the stuff many fans complained about was explained but it is just left on the cutting room floor. As I have stated many times Signer didn't do a bad job IMO he did what many writers have tried to do and that is made him more relate able.
But there was no sufficiently compelling reason to leave at all. This is just a cop out to try to make super selfish reasoning make sense. Fine, have Superman leave and come back 5 years alter. However when he comes back and find Lois engaged, apparently having had a child with her fiancé, who is a good man, he should realize that by not telling her, he lost her, get over it, and move on. I say this as the #1 biggest fan of any and all Lois and Superman marry media (I love the TV show Lois and Clark), but there is a point where one has to move on. And even though Lois was not technically married to Richard, she might as well have been, so Clark should respect that and find some other women to love.

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