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I suppose treating the movies as Elseworld tales is what allows me to be more forgiving of even the more major deviations. I also just love seeing different takes on the mythos in general.

I can see that a lot of people here favor a more tragic bent to the Batman story; that Bruce is forever lost in his crusade, his life is always chained to tragedy and he can never let go. While I do think that's one very powerful and tragic way to portray the character, I also feel that Batman is also such a positive and heroic figure that I was willing to go along with an ending that portrayed him in a more redemptive light, where he finally learns to let go after all and has a chance at internal peace.

To some, that flies in the face of everything Batman is all about and you know what? In a way they're absolutely right. But that's why I love it! And please, nobody think I'm saying the comics don't matter. It's not that at all. It's just that I loved getting an ending that I know I can never get in the comics. That added to the triumphant quality of it all to me. In the comics, Batman has tragic flaw but it never really threatens to fully undo him because we know there will always be another issue. TDKR presented us with a story where his tragic flaw (not caring enough for his own life) threatens to undo him and Gotham once and for all, and he's able to overcome it. The realism that was peddled so hard in these movies made it impossible for me to ignore the likelihood that Bruce would eventually die in action if he kept doing it forever, so him walking away becomes something of a relief. That doesn't mean I think the more tragic interpretation of Batman is inherently inferior or anything. Burton's films showed me the tragic Batman (I don't consider the Schumacher films true sequels) who'll probably be Batman forever, and I loved that. It's haunting and bittersweet. I guess this is all my long-winded way of saying I enjoyed seeing the guy get a well-earned happy ending, and I felt it was a fitting ending for this version of the character in particular. Though I can certainly understand why some would've preferred a more traditional, tragedy-colored ending.

I don't think anyone's right or wrong when it comes to a lot of stuff. We all have our own preferences for the character and if we were all to sit down and write our ideal Batman story, there would likely be some serious differences in all of them.

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