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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
Kudos to whoever pointed out that Superman is not a deadbeat dad, a DB is a choice, Superman/Clark had no choice because he didn't have all the information. Also I like to pretend Lois knew who her sons father was and met Richard either while she was clearly pregnant or after the baby was born.
That would be me I think. Both "deadbeat dad" and "peeping Tom" are terms heavily misused for this movie.


Originally Posted by John Lambert View Post
Since Lois does not go all "you raped me" on him when she finds out that Jason is his son, it is clear the conception did not happen per Superman II.
That's why I said "And about him telling her he's Clark." I agree that the conception didn't happen in SII (although it's not clear). But I was talking about why he didn't tell her he's Clark.

Originally Posted by John Lambert View Post
I still hold any man who has sex with a women should expect pregnancy to result, and should be ready to take responsibility for it.
Well, I have had sex many times and never expected pregnancy. Because I took precautions. Now, I don't know what's the Kryptonian biological ways of this process but one thing I'll say in your favor: same as the Kryptonian possible survivors and why Superman didn't say good-bye, this should have been much better explained. It's part of my own criticism about the movie.

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