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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
You hit the nail spot on.

This is exactly how I feel. I often see people throwing the "This isn't the comics" excuse to justify anything the filmmakers do, even going as far as to brush off any aspects that fans speculate about seeing on screen in the future such as, as you said, Batman's genius level intellect.

I've actually even seen people throw around the "This isn't the comics!" argument when I didn't even reference the comics at all. You can bring up things you thought were plot holes and people will still throw around that argument. When Iron Man 3 came out, many fans felt they were falsely marketed to due to the Mandarin twist. Despite me stating over and over again that I just wanted to see the Mandarin from the trailers and that I was not expecting the Mandarin of the comics in the first place, people still tried to scold me that it wasn't the Mandarin of the comics.

In the case of TDKR, what these people often don't realize is that I find TDKR to be just as much of a bad sequel as I find it to be a bad Batman film for the exact same reasons. Whenever I watch The Dark Knight, I see the message of Bruce having to embrace being Batman forever right there. It is one of the things that I love so much about TDK. People often act/think that idea was not there in the first place and I always disagreed with them on that. Had Nolan not made the idea and message of his Batman in BB & TDK so much like the idea and messages behind the Batman of the comics, I probably would have not had as much of a problem with TDKR's ending as I did (though I still wouldn't be a big fan of it). The fact that he made such an incredible film with a message that I thought emphasized everything Batman was all about only to make a sequel contradicting all of that is the part that ticked me off the most. Thus even if I wasn't a comic book fan and these films were my first exposure to Batman, the ending wouldn't have been any better for me because it would have still went against the essence of Batman from the first two films, which happened to be the same as the essence of Batman from the comics. But of course that I'll still get the "This isn't the comics!" response regardless.
Its the same everywhere you go on SHH...some fans love a movie so much, and get defensive when others aren't happy with it. "This isn't the comics" is one of the many desperate arguments people use to justify things they like, as if the filmmaker can do no wrong.

I especially hate when people use that argument when fans want to see Batman films better utilize one of his most well known traits. You'd think no one would have a problem with fans wanting to see the guy who debuted in DETECTIVE COMICS being more of a detective.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Shika thinks he knows what the essence of Batman or anything means, but he doesn't. The essence is simply Batman being a dark character who was created through his fear of bats & how his parents were taken from him in front of his eyes. He promises to strike fear into the hearts of criminals through the Batman.
Why should anyone believe you when you say Shika dosen't get Batman's essence when you don't really have much respect for the medium Batman comes from?

I'd trust his thoughts on the subject more than I would yours.

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