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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Well said

What you mean something like this:

We all know Batman had a plan to retire one day after he'd saved Gotham. We're not ignoring that. It's how TDKR executed the idea in the most lazy half hearted way that's what people take issue with.

We should have seen a weathered Bruce Wayne in TDKR, and not because he's been moping around his mansion on knees with no cartilage (), pining over losing Rachel and that his energy project failed. I'd love to have seen a Bruce Wayne who was weathered from the toll of the last few years of being hated, hunted, and trying to fight the last remnants of organized crime while helping push the Dent hero image and legacy as Bruce Wayne.

Instead we got some half baked plot about Gotham no longer needing Batman the night after Dent died. Gotham was magically cleaned up. Alfred stood by for 8 years and let Bruce think he lost his only hope at a normal life instead of giving him a foot up the ass and telling him the truth about Rachel years ago.

I won't even get started on him leaving his Batman mantle to a guy he barely knew and never proved that he was undoubtedly the best guy for the job.

No one is faulting Nolan for wrapping up Bruce's story. It's the terrible way he did it.
I said in my post that whether it was handled well was another issue altogther and you deliberately took that context out of my quote so you could go on yet another rant about it. Ridiculous man. I'll go ahead and repost it here:

Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
That's the thing though, Bruce has a very finite view of his Batman career in BB. He makes it clear that he wants to clean up the streets, create a symbol for others to follow, and be done with it. Now whether TDKR executed this idea well is another issue altogether, but it's not like the seed wasn't planted for him to quit in the first movie. It was there all along and fans chose to ignore it, then got mad about it when Nolan followed through with it.
Phantasm argued in his post earlier that it was NOT okay to wrap up Batman's story and it seems Shika is very much against that idea as well. Perhaps you shouldn't speak for the others.

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