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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Gerard Butler is more like Wolverine to me than Cable. I just don't see him as Cable.
It's a bit of a stretch, I understand that. But if X-Force is a real attempt at a franchise, I think Butler is a better choice than someone like Lang or Neeson. If it's a one-off movie, then I'd go with one of those two in a heartbeat.

Others have pointed it out, but if X-Force does become a franchise then casting Lang or Neeson as the lead action hero poses some problems. They both just turned 61... even if the film is fast-tracked for 2015, a potential trilogy of films might not finish until they are close to 70. I'm not sure either guy can maintain a level of fitness that it would take to portray Cable believably at that age.

I like Butler for Cable because he's very capable in action movies (300 is a great example of what he'd bring to the role) and he's young enough that a franchise works for him. Plus, with the team dynamic he wouldn't need to carry the movie either - especially if you fill around him with people like Ryan Reynolds & Michelle Rodriguez, as well as a high-profile actor for a lead villain. You need enough recognizable names to bring people to theaters, which seems to be part of the reason Pacific Rim is suffering (it's not the entire reason, but it's a factor).

If it was for one movie, my first choice would certainly be Stephen Lang. But I think we all would like to see this stretched out over several films & I'm not sure that I'd buy him in the role near age 70. Just my thoughts and I'm sure others will disagree.

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