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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Oh boy...time once again to clear up some common misconceptions regarding this film:

Originally Posted by John Lambert View Post
Kate Bosworth was 22, so what, she had a child at 17, and was already an established reporter before she exited high school? That does not work.
The actress herself was 22. The character was at least in her early 30s.

Now, if they had it, Superboy and Lois hooked up as teenagers, and then he heard about his home planet, and left, then at least that casting decision would have made sense.
No, it wouldn't. Continuing on, both actors were in their 20s (Bosworth, as mentioned above, was 22 when she was cast; Routh was 25), but they were playing characters at least 10 years older than their chronological ages.

It would not have helped Superman being an irresponsible dead-beat dad, but at least the casting would have been believable. Maybe. Although with 18-year-olds often cast as 15-year-olds, we are lucky if people even see a 22-year-old as a 22-year-old.
Which he was not, because he had no idea the kid might be his until near the end of the movie. That's likely what Lois whispered into his ear as he lay in a coma.

Deadbeats don't care. They don't want anything to do with the child/children nor their mother/partner. They don't visit them. They knowingly and willingly refuse to provide child support or other monetary assistance.

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