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Default Re: Iron Man's Identity

Revealing he was Iron Man was a bold and brilliant move by Favreau. Tony Stark is none of the schmucks we have above. Going by everything Danny Fingeroth wrote in his book 'Superman on the Couch', Tony Stark has none of the traits that those guys have. He's not an orphan because he lost his parents when he was already a young adult. He was already recognised as a genius and became a flambouyant captain of industry. He's not an immigrant/refugee character like Superman. He doesn't have to hide his identity to fit in.

Another reason why it was better to reveal himself was because he is famous and controversial as a war profiteer. We no longer give complete trust to those in a higher social status or serve a religious institution, like priests. We no longer trust some people who operate the banks.

People who actually do the right and noble thing get crucified. We call them 'whisteblowers' or worse - snitches. (Personally I'd gladly snitch on anybody who's done wrong. You can flush that mafia family value crap to hell.) These are guys like Bradley Manning, who get put into prison although he leaked the info to Wikileaks. Guys like Snowden who get called 'traitor' by his own government, even when they're exposed for wrongdoings. Around the world reporters are getting killed by the criminals they report about and their societies can't protect them or avenge them.

So when a character like Tony Stark reveals himself to be a superhero, it brings a lot of faith back into humanity. In fact, humanity is probably why all those passengers in the train haven't revealed Peter Parker's identity back in Spider-Man 2. They were decent and appreciative enough to keep his identity secret.

If there's one thing you can learn from Game of Thrones is this important lesson:

All Men Betray
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