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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
^^^^I agree with you on the Slattery thing.

I still believe that Slattery is the true Mandarin, and was manipulating Killian and his goons.

There were just some unexplained things that make it too odd for it to be as cut and dry as some believe.

1. Maya and Killian, as well as their goons, kept referring to him as "The Master" up until Tony infiltrated the Mansion.

After that, it was a complete 180 from everyone on that side of things, and Slattery as just portrayed as a puppet.

2. The Mandarin had a connection to the Ten Rings, but its never touched upon as to why Killian might've have been connected to them or why he would use that imagery. He could've just used that imagery because he knew it might stir something in Tony from his time in the cave but how the would know that information?

IDK it just seems that something was off with that. It just seems to me that the true Mandarin is yet to reveal himself, and will do so in A2.

As far as the rest of the Masters go, Crossbones is already confirmed as Frank Grillo confirmed he'l be back for A2. Abomination seems likely too though as we know he's still alive and, based on reports for CA2, he'll probably be in SHIELD custody, serving time in The Vault.
Thank you. And yes I too have seen the reports of Grillo being Crossbones in Avengers 2 and Abomination having to be spared by Hulk, and yes because Trevor was framed as a Terrorist, we can NOT allow the film producers to rip us off on the most powerful Iron Man villain over some twist they wanted to use over some stupid excuses they have about the characters cultural history. We gotta contact Joss Whedon right away while he is working on the script and we must tel him to cast Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, make sure he uses REAL power rings this time, in Mandarin armor attire, and include him as a member and perhaps the leader of the Masters of Evil and if anyone buts in with excuses,

we tell them that Joss doesn't want to be pressured. So lets contact him either on Twitter or anywhere we can reach him now and let him know while he's still doing the script and fast too.

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