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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread: - Part 5

Love this from Poni-Boy

It earned my fandom through cohesive storytelling, engaging characters and gritty action. The cinematography is fantastic, especially the wide shots that let you take in majesty of the Japanese landscapes. A fair warning for the faint of heart: The Wolverine is the most adult-oriented X-Men movie yet. If the mature content in First Class was Happy Hour, this is an all night bender. Sex, bloody violence and profanity are not shied away from. Thankfully they are presented tastefully, realistically and flow perfectly with the story. Kudos to director James Mangold and his screenwriters for finding a way to blend a serious, Western-inspired allegory with a fantastical and fun cinematic world. He also gets major brownie points for having two female leads playing characters with actual depth who don't rely on the central hero to always save the day. They are everything but one-note scene filler; quite impressive considering both Okamoto and Fukushima are first timers.

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