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Default Re: How long should the new series go on for?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
They could Bond it and give us recasts and new directors every 1 or 2 movies. That's cool. As long as it's all quality. But I also like the idea of them building another trilogy and then launching into Batman Beyond as their way of wrapping up the DCU Batman , that consists of a couple of team-ups + a whole trilogy of solo films.

Then they can focus on doing stand-alone adaptations and spin-offs. Like a Grayson/Nightwing movie. A Long Halloween film. Arkham Asylum if it's not already done soon. Mask Of The Phantasm (a way of bringing this to the new generation while retelling the origin like 30 odd years after Batman Begins, much like MOS came out 30 years after Superman).
I'd rather see them keep the same actor as long as possible.

Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? ... Walter White?
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