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Default Re: How long should the new series go on for?

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
I kind of like the idea of a loose Bond type continuity that lasts forever because it would lend itself to a more "episodic" presentation but is that really the best route for a film franchise? Don't we want some type of arc? Or is everyone just perfectly content with turning the series into Batman: The Cinematic Adventures?

I think the best way to do it is how they're doing it now. Every few years or so a new creative team swoops in and re-imagines the mythos. Similar to how every few years a new artists pens Batman. Otherwise you risk running the character into the ground. And I don't think the writers should be slaves to continuity.

I am open to a live action television series though. That would be insane. Then you can do season long arcs and stand alone stories in all their glory.
Hmmm, batman series on HBO? Sounds interesting.

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