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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Superman vs. Thor,Superman has advantage in strength,speed,smarts,even raw power but he's vulnerable to magic isn't the Uru hammer is made of magic? So that hammer can hurt him more that usual.But with heat vision,super breath he will finish the job. Heck Thor cant even defeat an enraged Hulk,I remember reading the Hulk grab his hand that held the hammer and just broked Thor's nose with his own hammer.Flash is 100x faster than the mutant Pietro,he can tap in the Speed Force to get faster.Now Iron Man vs. Cyborg,IM wins by a slight margin I rather see Steel vs. Iron Man.WW vs. She Hulk is a good one.Sub Mariner vs. Aquaman who has a bigger set of egos hahaha! Vision vs. Red Tornado android vs. android. Smart Hulk vs. MM imagine Hulk with weapons by BB 3rd smartest man in Marvel Universe. Armored Batman vs. CA is an even match. Zatanna vs. SW now that's just amazing. Giant Man vs. Apache Chief,yes I want a Native American hero. BLack Canary vs. Widow,ok Nuff said.

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