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Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
No she really isn't in fact she is even less likely in my opinion.
1) she's never been billed higher than Halle before in any x-men movie even X1 and X2 where she had more screentime than Halle.

2) Halle may only have filmed for two weeks but Famke is almost guaranteed to have much less scenes than her. Her role would be an extended cameo at best.

3) There is NO way Famke Janssen will be billed before Oscar Winner Halle Berry. This is Halle Berry we're talking about, not some random actor. It just won't happen.
I'm sorry Nana but you seem to be really invested in defending Halle when someone says a snide comment about her but how do you think fans of the other actors feel when you ESSENTIALLY do the same thing to their actor/actress? Honestly I don't think Halle needs you to defend her but that's just me

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