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I love the idea. You can market it as its own thing without saying anything about its connection to the Nolan trilogy, or lack thereof. Intentionally leaving the story of how this Gotham came to be a bit of a mystery that we will love to watch unfold.

That was the major appeal of the show and the comic, uncovering how the events we are watching came to be in the first place, what happened to Bruce, Who is the new commissioner and how did Gordon retire, etc.

Plus, it allows Bruces place in the Justice League to stand alone from both the Dark Knight trilogy and Beyond, because they are completely distant timelines. People will analyze the hell out of it looking for pieces to make up the story, and then when your out of Beyond material, you can go backwards and show us a Bruce mid career.

Lastly, the Bruce from Beyond was the Batman who stood toe to toe with the Justice League, so flashbacks would showcase that this Batman was differnt from Nolans.
I think its a really good reboot concept. Start with the end of Bruces timeline and work backwards.

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