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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
I don't doubt it, but I just wanted to point out that Newspaper film reviewers are the worst reviewers on the planet, well at least in the UK where its just not a proper journalistic job, even if the scores were high I would say the exact same thing! They are just the least professional reviews around. Empire and Total Film are proper reviewers and can be relied upon to give a much fairer and honest review and just come across as if they know what they are talking about.

This is why I give no faith in RT and Metacritic scores, there is no weighting to the credibility of the reviewer. So a persons score is just taken at face value, a professional review means as much as a red top rag review done by someone who doesn't want to be in the job.
It used to be more of a dedicated job in the UK press (though I don't know of specific training or organisations for critics existing here in the UK), but these days most of the critics are dinosaurs from a bygone age and are not connected to their audiences at all.

I'm different from that in that I am a bit of a fanboy in addition to being a trained and experienced journalist, so I am in touch with what's happening online. I've always thought that my strength was being able to bridge two worlds - mainstream and fandom.

Remarkably, I sat next to three people at the preview screening who had little knowledge of the X-Men franchise. One was a very pleasant and chatty writer from Norway who didn't really know anything about the X-Men and Wolverine (though he was set to interview Jackman today), one was a woman who didn't even know who/what Wolverine was (though she did know who Jackman was), and the other was some prissy French queen who said X-Men Origins: Wolverine was his favourite movie of all time and the only one he had on his mobile phone and watched repeatedly. I was astonished. They were all amazed I knew so much when I filled them in on the details. I was amazed they knew so little!

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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