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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

If say the RT score would remain 71 that would be miles better than Last Stand
or origins.It would beat the score of Increidble Hulk,Batman(89) and Man of steel but be behind the rest of MS films,The Amazing Spider-Man,Superman Returns,The Nolan Batman films,Batman returns,SPider-man 1,and 2,Superman 1 and 2.

The RT score of X-Men films would go
1:First CLass
2:X2(although there Is only 1 point difference It and first Class)
4:The Wolverine
5:X-Men the last Stand

the superhero films of summer would go By RT score
1:Iron Man 3
2:The Wolverine
3:Man of steel

Best comic book films-Superman X2 The Dark Knight Logan X-Men Days of Future Past(rogue Cut) Batman Returns The Amazing Spider-man,X-Men,Captain AMerica:The Winter Soldier,Batman(1989)
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