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Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I love the Batman Beyond series, so I'm all for it. I'm all for giving Bruce Wayne a bit of a break in the Bat movies and just have a young Bruce Wayne for Justlice League.

It's unique, and with the right director it could be something incredible. Terry McGinnis has his own great set of rogues like Blight, Inque, Earth Mover, Payback, and spellbinder, and even lower good groups of villains like the Jokerz and the splicers. Batman Beyond is a pretty rich universe in its own right that you can build a franchise around.
Also, it doesn't have to be exactly like the show. There can be classic rogues. I mean, we DID see Freeze, Joker and Harley in the show. So if they want to do flashbacks of a young Bruce battling his classic enemies then cool. Or if they don't...I think Mr. Freeze could make for a good Batman Beyond villain, with all his tech and all. It also gives older Bruce a chance to try to figure out this Victor guy.

Then there's aging villains. I have this idea of casting Mark Hamill in a cameo spot as the Joker who is in his 60s. I think this would work because Hamill is about to make his grand return in the new Star Wars. His appearance could have this older Joker locked in Arkham still.

And even a couple of scenes with a Penguin who is around 70ish, either in Arkham (never liked that idea since he's not crazy) or my personal favorite would be having Oswald still on the streets, running Iceberg Lounge. I would cast David Suchet for this role.

Everybody else can be Blight or whatever traditional Beyond villain they want to use.

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