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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Thumbs Up

"An interesting aspect of this film is that, although still an X-Men movie, this piece feels very much like a classic Gaijin in Japan story, which helps us to further understand Logan’s feelings of isolation. You could also view The Wolverine as a tale of an out-of-place samurai, something which is hinted at in the film and is furthered by the marketing in Japan referring to this as The Wolverine: A Ronin Story."


"a thoroughly entertaining and more surprising heartfelt installment in the X-Men universe. The unique story coupled with beautiful scenery, an excellent supporting cast and berserker rage suited only to our favourite hero make this a film that anyone can enjoy – though I suspect that die-hard Wolverine fans may enjoy it a little more. "

I love all the talk of placing character and story first. I've had enough of the video game movie CGI-fests this summer.

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