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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
It used to be more of a dedicated job in the UK press (though I don't know of specific training or organisations for critics existing here in the UK), but these days most of the critics are dinosaurs from a bygone age and are not connected to their audiences at all.

I'm different from that in that I am a bit of a fanboy in addition to being a trained and experienced journalist, so I am in touch with what's happening online. I've always thought that my strength was being able to bridge two worlds - mainstream and fandom.

Remarkably, I sat next to three people at the preview screening who had little knowledge of the X-Men franchise. One was a very pleasant and chatty writer from Norway who didn't really know anything about the X-Men and Wolverine (though he was set to interview Jackman today), one was a woman who didn't even know who/what Wolverine was (though she did know who Jackman was), and the other was some prissy French queen who said X-Men Origins: Wolverine was his favourite movie of all time and the only one he had on his mobile phone and watched repeatedly. I was astonished. They were all amazed I knew so much when I filled them in on the details. I was amazed they knew so little!
Oh yes I was not implying you were in any way not capable of your job. You seem to be far more switched on, have done your research and have at least some knowledge of the film you were viewing, something I expect someone to have when reviewing a film they expect other people to read

You seem far more credible than these UK paper "reviewers" that are the only ones I have read so far to outright pan this film. But then again they usually give glowing reviews to some films that decent reviewers slam as being complete tosh. I shall do some digging but they just all smell fishy to me, always have.

Originally Posted by Joe Stubbs View Post
A negative review from the Guardian, 2/5, pretty much exactly what I would expect from a Guardian film review.
Oh look as if to prove a point they just give me more perfect ammunition and make themselves look even more foolish

Perfect timing!

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