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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

I love Two-Face, probably my favorite Bat-villain. How would you guys use him as an actual full-fledged villain in the reboot? I agree with those who say seeing his origin again is unnecessary; I'd like to see him as the fully developed sinister villain.

There are people who say Two-Face is actually a one trick pony, that only his origin story is interesting and after that he becomes a silly gimmick villain. One of the ways this was solved was by making Dent a twisted crusader, executing people he felt were guilty. But this has been done in TDK... I also feel he can be more than just a regular mob boss who loves duality, like he is sometimes portrayed.

I'd love to hear some ideas of how to actually use him as a main villain, without the origin story or revenge story. I really don't want him to just be a cameo or side villain just because they don't know how to use him. I loved the Arkham City game but hated how they hyped up Two-Face so much only to have him in one small scene with Batman.

In my opinion he is fully capable of carrying a Batman film as the lead villain, despite what some people say.

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