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Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
That's exactly what I'm thinking. I say take elements of ROTJ and lead with that as the first film combined with Terry's origin. I can see the urge to do Blight , but with something as bold as Beyond as your launch pad for a film universe, it'd be better to use someone like the Joker from not only a story pov but from a marketing pov. It could also explain why this Batman is retired making it further clear that this Batman isn't the same one who retired at the end of TDKR and didn't retire for those same reasons.
Yeah it's very important, if theyre doing a Batman Beyond next, to make sure the general audience are aware that this isn't a sequel to TDKR set 30 years later, with a recast. Which might be a good reason as to why they should reboot the solo films Arkham style FIRST.

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
If they do actually make Batman Beyond, I want an old cranky Mel Gibson as Bruce Wayne.

I'm dead serious.
You know, that's a damn good idea. Wasn't he in the running back in the 80s?? I always thought he would have made a great Two-Face in the 90s. But he would make a good aged Bruce Wayne, even though Clint and Peter Weller come to mind too.

If they do a Batman Beyond in 10, 15 years...I think Mel would be perfect.

Hehe, he would make a good Dark Knight Returns Bruce right now. But in 10 or 15 years im down for OLD grumpy Bruce Gibson!

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