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Default MCU SDCC '13 Speculation Thread

So with Marvel about to take over Hall H on Saturday, what news do you think we'll get?

Some possibilities:

1) Thor: TDW footage (confirmed)
2) Cap: TWS footage (confirmed)
3) GOTG footage
4) Avengers 2 title reveal
5) Avengers 2 villain reveal
6) Dr. Strange reveal
7) Phase 3 line up
8) Thanos news
9) Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver news
10) An announcement that Phase 3 will focus on the Infinity Gauntlet storyline (fingers crossed)

What are your thoughts?

Iron Man..Hulk..Thor..Captain America..Black Widow..Hawkeye
Quicksilver..Scarlet Witch..Vision..War Machine..Falcon..Winter Soldier
Star-Lord..Drax..Gamora..Rocket..Groot..Ant-Man..Dr. Strange

VS. Thanos
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