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Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Ok, but some of the comments here about Halle being billed behind lesser known actors though are questionable if not unrealistic. I mean, even I can see that. True, many fanboys don't like Halle Berry, but that doesn't reflect the general movie-going public's opinion...which has been enough to sustain Halle's career and kept her headlining her own films.

This is a Bryan Singer film. Halle Berry is one of his original casting choices 13 years ago. He's not going to drop her to lesser standing in this franchise just because we have new, younger actors involved now. They will be mixed in, but Hugh, Halle, and Jennifer are still the franchise's biggest money-makers. And that's all studios care about: what marquee names are going to bring in the money. Even if Halle doesn't get top 5 billing, her face (and powers) will be featured heavily in the marketing to get them butts in the theater seats.

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