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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by Destructus86 View Post
So, I was working on my budget today and I make roughly $2,400 (original post was wrong, this is the right amount) a month. You would think that would be an alright amount and I would be living a little comfortably at least.

Nope...not at all. I am living pay check to pay check, making it to the next paycheck by the skin of my teeth. And it's not like i'm spending crazy. $900 a month for house, one car payment and the usual expenses like internet, food, power, etc...

More and more i'm seeing the middle class die out.

between my wife an I,we take home (not make gross,mind you,but take home) about $4,800 a month. again,living the high life,right? nope!

$1,500 - Student loans
$850 - Mortgage
$700 - Health insurance
$200 - Car Insurance
$150 - Power
$150 - Cable,phone,internet ( all through the cable company)
$100 - Water
$200 - Gas ( natural gas for the house)
$100 - Sewer and Garbage
$200 - Gas ( for the cars. my wife's workplace is about 40 minutes away)
$500 - Groceries ( roughly. there's 2 adults and 2 kids here. we spend about $250 every 2 weeks)
$250 - Car payment

totals about $4,900 in bills per month. some are flexible,i.e. the grocery bill,or if we use less water or electricity. but that's roughly it. so we have about $100 a month in extra money . and if the car breaks down or something,well,there it goes!can't wait til my insurance premium or taxes go up again.should be noted that I have $250 LESS a month than I did 2 years ago ( as health insurance kept going up ) and my wife makes $400 less a month than she did a year ago as she had to get a new job. so,yeah,Obama. i really can't afford to pay for your Obamacare plan.

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