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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
between my wife an I,we take home (not make gross,mind you,but take home) about $4,800 a month. again,living the high life,right? nope!

$1,500 - Student loans
$850 - Mortgage
$700 - Health insurance
$200 - Car Insurance
$150 - Power
$150 - Cable,phone,internet ( all through the cable company)
$100 - Water
$200 - Gas ( natural gas for the house)
$100 - Sewer and Garbage
$200 - Gas ( for the cars. my wife's workplace is about 40 minutes away)
$500 - Groceries ( roughly. there's 2 adults and 2 kids here. we spend about $250 every 2 weeks)
$250 - Car payment

totals about $4,900 in bills per month. some are flexible,i.e. the grocery bill,or if we use less water or electricity. but that's roughly it. so we have about $100 a month in extra money . and if the car breaks down or something,well,there it goes!can't wait til my insurance premium or taxes go up again.should be noted that I have $250 LESS a month than I did 2 years ago ( as health insurance kept going up ) and my wife makes $400 less a month than she did a year ago as she had to get a new job. so,yeah,Obama. i really can't afford to pay for your Obamacare plan.
Ok wait a minute, you bring in $4,800 a month, but your bills total $4,900 a month so you have about $100 a month in extra money????

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