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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by jedisprite View Post
That stupid 'Hangover' ripoff episode is still one of the most offensive things I've ever seen.
Beyond the fact I didn't mind the Hangover ripoff, I think the show has done way more offensive things then what one might consider a bad concept or attempt at comedy.

Instantly what comes to my mind is

AI Jor-El
Clexana triangle of S5/6(including fake baby)
Clark robbing banks because he is responsible for his mother's miscarriage(and the whole Martha pregnancy storyline in general)
Putting Clark's life in stall mode in Season 5-7 just to keep other characters relevant
The cookie cutter Lana running up to Clark's loft and hounding him about secrets and lies scenes
Making Clark screw up somehow lead to his dad's death
Lionel and Martha

......and I am leaving out a tons more storylines, so yeah one episode that might not be a person's cup of tea is far from the worst(most offensive) thing a show could do. My pick for most offensive thing the show did was Promise, basically 42 non stop minutes of a storyline I hated(not even a b plot that I could enjoy like 5-10 minutes of the episode)

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