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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by Mario_Fonaris View Post
I think Tom Hardy would be a good choice! He's short like wolverine he's demonstrated he can bulk up(Bronson, Warrior and TDKR) he can also bring emotion, depth into the character (something Jackman I think can't do) and grow out his facial hair to look meaner. After seeing him in Bronson and Warrior as Tommy Rhiordan I can't imagine what he could do with a character like Wolverine
Tom Hardy would make a great Wolverine, but what do you mean Jackman can't bring depth to the character? I completely disagree with you on that.

I don't want Jackman to stop playing Wolverine, I just want the writers to write him more like comic book Wolverine. But if they were to ever recast, I'd definitely go with Hardy.

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