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Default Re: What do you want FOX to show at this year COMIC CON?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
They should save Apocalypse for a X-Men movie, he's too iconic to be introduced in a X-Force movie which is probably not going to be seen by most people unlike with the previous film. Same with Mr. Sinister.

There are a lot of X-Men villains like Stryfe, Omega Red that could be chosen as a X-Force villain.
That is yet to be determined. It's way to early to know what that movie is going to turn out like. What if they go the Uncanny X-Force route and put Wolverine as the leader? It is within the realm of possibilities (although not the way I want it to happen).

If they go with a more 90s X-Force movie, then Apocalypse might not be the best fit for a villain. However, I'm really thinking they're going for the Uncanny X-Force because it ties into X-Men way more. They even operate out of the mansion. If Archangel is involved, then he is THE X-Man that is MOST CLOSELY tied to Apocalypse.

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