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So those staying that the first pic leaked was a test suit were wrong, Cage pretty much confirms it wasn't here. I'd say that the of if the awful suit was the one he'd have and at the end of the film whereas the pic it's the decent suit would've been the suit he wore before.

Nicolas Cage spoke with Empire about the never-made "Superman Lives" film, and his feelings about the images that leaked online showing him wearing that film's version of the Superman costume.
How do you feel about the project now?
"Tim [Burton] is a genius. He's a great artist, and I'm sure he would have done something really magnificent with the story of Superman, and I knew I was going to go towards something quite unique and different than anything you've seen with Superman, but having said that, in a way it was a win-win for me that it didn't work out, because the power of the imagination [allows you to] imagine what that might have been like. That might be even more powerful than the finished product, so I think it worked out."

What was your reaction when the wardrobe images leaked online?

"There were two images, and there is truth in both. First of all, the first image looked terrible, and the second image looked pretty good. That was a pretty good suit, I've got to say. The problem is that it's unfairly judged. I don't know who got a hold of it - who in wardrobe who or in the studio or whatever - and leaked it. I don't understand it. I thought there were laws against this sort of thing, but it's not being judged fairly because you have the lighting that Tim does, or the set, or the shade, or all of that built up. You've just got a stark wardrobe shot that's not given any affection."

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