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Default Re: What do you want FOX to show at this year COMIC CON?

Originally Posted by Alison Blaire View Post
Ben Foster was not a proper Angel.Angel has to be very beautiful, impressive, but Ben is not.

The general public doesn't remember him.It has only been 10 minutes on screen.

They need an actor best suited.
I agree he's not perfect, but he's not any more dissimilar to his comic book counterpart than any of the other cast members. Yes, Angel is supposed to be taller and look basically like... well, an angel. But Storm is also supposed to be basically 6-feet-tall, Jean is supposed to be shorter, Logan is supposed to be the runt, and the list goes on and on.

My point was that Ben worked really hard for the role and it was such a waste of his talent and efforts. As Archangel, he wouldn't have to meet your beauty requirements, so the point is really moot. Ben actually has a great jawline for a masked Archangel haha.

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