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Default Re: Who should lead the X-Force?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
How do you know?
that's a saying

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
Agreed! That sequence was beautiful and heartbreaking. Such a great achievement in comic book storytelling.

As I said before, the story needs to be grounded in the mutant struggle and not revolve around the back from the future lovechild of a dead character and a clone of dead character's dead girlfriend haha. Days of Our Mutant Lives! I'm actually not that cynical about a possible movie with Cable in it (as I know any story can be made to be compelling), I just would not prefer it.
Considering Days of a Future Past is already dealing with time travel, that gives them an opening for Cable in X-force. All that complicated stuff can be introduced in DoFP to get it out of the way with. Heck the film could possibly end with a teaser of him in this timeline as a result of those events. Bringing Maddie into this is unnecessary and his background would most likely be simplified and any connection to Cyclops/Jean doesn't need to be mentioned.

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