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Default Re: Hayley Atwell/Peggy Carter back for Cap 2!

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Do you guys think that it would make sense, or not, to show Peggy still being sad (in her own way) that Steve's gone given the fact that it's only been an year since the events of "The First Avenger". I'm not talking about showing a scene where she's brooding over his supposed death like Cyclops did over Jean, but more like a quick moment.

In any case, seeing her in action again in that clip; damn, it makes it even more tragic to know that the two never really had a chance to be with each other and it'll make it that much more bittersweet when they reunite in the present.
It'd make sense for there to be at least one scene with her grieving; but it's possible that, just one year out from the disappearance, she's still holding out hope for him being alive somewhere. Maybe that's part of what drives her as an agent --- she keeps looking for clues that Steve is still alive somewhere, maybe a captive of HYDRA's remnants or something.


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