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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
I mean, what do you actually like about Superman having a kid that kills a dude with a piano? And mind you, somehow forgets that she was impregnated by Clark Kent who she seems to have somehow forgotten the fact that he's superman even though he seeded her as Clark Kent.
I think the implication was that Superman and Lois had an sexual relationship prior towards him leaving Earth for those five years; thus it was not as Clark Kent, but as Superman, that she was involved with and impregnated by from Lois's POV.

The problem with this whole debacle is that the writers weren't clear at first as to whether Superman II was considered canon in the continuity that SR was coming from. By the time it came to the release, I heard them saying things like how it was more of a sequel to S:TM than it was to SII and that it only "borrowed" certain themes from SII, like Lex visiting the FOS and Lois and Superman having slept together in the past.

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