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Originally Posted by Illuminata View Post


Hugh Jackman
Jennifer Lawrence
Peter Dinklage
Michael Fassbender
James McAvoy
Halle Berry
Anna Paquin
James Marsden
Nicholas Hoult
Ian McKellen
Patrick Stewart
Ellen Page

The graphic designers and art directors at FOX tend to work with the younger cast member images and love working with Halle Berry's images so they may give her a bigger photospot than Lawrence on the poster. I just wouldn't count Berry out when it comes to poster placement. She could wind up just as big as Jackman on the poster. They also tend to love Paquin on the posters as well so she could wind up on it but definitely not expecting her to have equal presence as Berry or Lawrence. Ellen Page will have minimal presence along with Stewart and McKellen who tend to have very little presence on the posters.
You're right on. Some of you guys have to remember that Halle Berry represents one of the core virtues of the X-Men series as a whole: diversity. She is the only woman of color in this cast and Omar Sy is not going to be placed on posters anywhere. She's also playing one of Marvel's most popular super heroines of all time. Storm is a Marvel Royalty. So for the sake of diversity alone I'd expect Halle to continue being featured prevalently. She is an Academy Award winner who's seen a significant rise in her career lately.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is also an Oscar winner, but she is not as accomplished as Halle who has over 20-plus years on her in consistent Hollywood longevity. These two women will get the most face-time. It'll be interesting with Jennifer though: she won't be as recognizable in blue make-up to audiences.

X-Men: Apocalypse seems hellbent on giving us more of what fans dread most:
Katniss dipped in a bucket of blue paint.

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